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Hermon Laboratories TCA 8200 offers a complete and fully-automatic testing solution for products with analog FXS & FXO interfaces according to various industry and national regulatory standards.
Supported Equipment
  • Telephones
  • Modems
  • PBXs
  • Analog/T1/E1/VoIP gateways
    switches and IADs

Main Tests
The Analog PSTN tests cover the requirements for terminal (FXO) and network (FXS) equipment including:

  • Electrical AC, DC and timing characteristics in on-hook, off-hook states and during the transition between those states
  • Various functional and simulation tests
  • VF transmission & TIMS analysis
  • Voice Quality Testing (PESQ, POLQA)
  • CID/SMS protocol testing
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Comprehensive PBX & switch testing
Due to an extensive array of tests, built-in signaling, and simultaneous two-port analog/digital tests, a PBX (and similar products) can be completely characterized by the TCA 8200's, conformance, voice quality, performance, and functional testing.
CO, CE, and Line simulation (Signaling)
Programmable signaling procedures allow call establishment with EUT during the tests and measurements. Different network conditions and signals can be simulated.

  • Analog FXS / FXO interface simulation:
    Complex terminations, artificial lines, series resistance, loop feed DC voltage and polarity
  • Network signals simulation and detection:
    On-hook, off-hook, progress tones, DTMF, rings
  • Programmable signaling scenarios/procedures used for:
    Call set up (place a call and measure) and functional testing (range of scenarios to test various conditions). Built in library of interface & network signals and signaling procedures for different world-wide countries. 
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Application Notes
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Industry Standards

Regulatory Standards
FCC Part 68 (USA)
ETSI TS 203 021
TBR 21(Europe)
CS-03 Canada
AS/ACIF S002, S003, (Australia)
JATE (Japan)
YD/T 514 (China)
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Compliance Testing
R&D Testing
QA Testing
Production Testing
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