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FAQ - TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer
Does the TCA include ready-to-run tests according to the standards?
Yes, the TCA comes with ready-to-run test suites for the supported standards. New test suites can be ordered from Hermon Laboratories. Please contact us for a current list of available suites.
Can the TCA be remotely operated?
Yes. The instrument can be remotely operated via LAN or internet by using the built-in remote access software. The TCA has a built-in PC with Windows XP and 10/100 Base-T LAN which can be used for printing to a network printer, saving reports to a network folder or backing up/restoring data.
Is a tape drive required for backup/restore?
No the tape drive is not necessary. The data can be backed up/restored to or from any local or network drive.
Is the TCA user configurable and programmable?
Yes. In addition to built-in tests, users can easily create new custom tests by setting the result format, test parameters, ranges, limits, signaling, EUT remote control commands, user prompts and test execution sequence. No programming or scripting is required.
Is it possible to upgrade the TCA with additional options at a later date?
The TCA modular design enables you to order the test options that you need. The instrument can be later upgraded when additional options are needed. The software options can be remotely installed. Most of the hardware options must be installed at the factory. Refer to the Product Ordering Information for more details on the available options.
Who certifies the TCA 8200 test procedures?
Hermon Laboratories' test lab is accredited by A2LA for testing according to various telecom standards using the TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer. See our Accreditations for more information.
Is it necessary to install any additional software on the TCA?
No, it's not necessary. The TCA is supplied with all required software installed. The TCA can be later upgraded with new software revisions and new software options which can be remotely installed.
Is an additional PC required to operate the TCA 8200?
No. The TCA 8200 includes a built-in PC, external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Refer to the Product Ordering Information for more details.
Does the TCA support acoustic testing of Bluetooth headsets?
Yes, the TCA supports acoustic testing of Bluetooth headsets. Refer to the Product Specifications and Ordering Information for more details.
How many analog ports does the TCA 8200 have?
TCA 8200 has two analog ports; each of them may work in either FXS (DC-Out) or FXO (DC-In) mode.
Which VoIP codecs does TCA support?
Supported codec's are G.711, G.722, G.726, G.723, G.729A, GSM FR and iLBC
Does TCA 8200 provide ISDN PRI Layer 1, 2 and 3 compliance testing?
TCA 8200 provides full layer 1, 2 and 3 testing of 2.048 Mbps ISDN PRI in accordance with TBR 4.
Which cellular interfaces does the TCA support for acoustic testing?
The TCA supports acoustic and telephonometry testing of GSM, CDMA, CDMA2000 and WCDMA cellular phones. Refer to the Product Specifications and Ordering Information for more details.
Does the TCA support Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) testing?
Yes a hearing aid compatibility test option is provided for the TCA. It includes two magnetic field antennas and an interconnecting cable. Standards supported are FCC 68.316 and 68.317 HAC (USA)
Does the TCA 8200 support both FXO and FXS analog testing?
Yes, TCA 8200 has two analog ports, each of them may work in either FXS (DC-Out) or FXO (DC-In) mode
Is it possible to create custom standards?
Yes, it's possible to create test suites for custom (new) standards. You can copy tests from existing suites, modify them according to your needs and group them into new user suites.
Can I create new tests?
Yes, it's possible to create user tests by copying existing tests, modifying them according to your needs and grouping them into user suites.
What TCA interfaces can be used to control external devices?
RS-232, TCP/IP, USB and GPIB are supported for sending and receiving ASCII commands.
Can TCA 8200 simulate a long copper line?
Yes, TCA 8200 includes a number of artificial lines of different length according to various standards. Some types of artificial lines should be ordered separately. Refer to the product Specifications and Ordering Information for more details.
Is it possible to connect several TCA units to the same database?
Yes, it is possible. For more details, please contact HL TI tech. support (or see the appropriate application notes).
Is it possible to store TCA data on the network?
Yes, it is possible. For more details, please contact HL TI tech. support (or see the appropriate application notes).
Is it possible to modify a report template?
Yes, report templates are Microsoft Word files and can be customized.
Is it possible to protect a test suite from unauthorized changes?
Yes, a test suite may be assigned a password to protect it from unauthorized changes.
Is it possible to backup/restore TCA data?
Yes, All the TCA data can be backed up and restored using the built-in software features. The factory data can also be restored.
Can the TCA software be recovered?
Yes, the TCA is supplied with an image of its hard disk. All the software and data installed at the factory can be recovered from this disk. The user data can be then restored from a user backup. It is recommended to backup the TCA data periodically.
Is it possible to run several tests automatically?
Yes it's possible to run several tests automatically in a project.
Is it possible to enable high impedance on analog ports?
Yes, TCA 8200 allows the setting of different impedances (terminations) for the analog ports, this includes high impedance.
Is it possible to use a custom wave file with the VQT (PESQ) test?
Yes, it is possible to define the customer wave file in the test properties.

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TS 103 021, TBR 10, 21, 38
TBR 4, 12, 13 (Europe)
FCC Part 68, TIA-968-A (USA)
CS-03 (Canada)
AS/ACIF S002/3/4/16 (Australia)
ITU-T G.703,
G.823, G.824, G.992.1/3/6,
P.862 (PESQ)
ETSI TS 102 027 (SIP)
TIA-810A/B, 920-A
ETSI ES 202 737-40
3GPP TS 26.131/2, TS 51.010-1
3GPP TS 51.010-1
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