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TCA 8200
Main Tests
Analog PSTN Automatic dialing
Automatically repeated call attempts
Clearing of automatic calls
DC characteristics in on-hook and off-hook states:
Voltage vs current, resistance vs current, DC current
DC Resistance
DTMF, MF, MFC Signaling 
    Received digits, digit waveform vs time / frequency,
    low & high group voltage / power / frequency, twist,
    tone / pause / cycle duration with statistics, noise,
    rise & fall time, DTMF, MF, MFC digits generation with
    programmable frequency, level and duration
Hazardous voltage limitations
Impedance in on-hook and off-hook states
     Impedance - IZI, Phase, Resistance, Reactance,
     Inductance, Capacitance, Return loss impulse noise
Insertion loss (Series TE)
Intentional operational paths to ground
Intentional protective paths to ground
Line liberation through power failure
Longitudinal conversion loss
Loop current characteristics
Loop interruption tolerance
Output signal balance
Progress tone detection and generation with programmable
level, frequency, duration, cadence and timing
Pulse signaling 
     Received digits, voltage/current vs time and voltage
     vs current plots, make/break levels and duration,
     resistance, inter-digit pause, pulse ratio - statistics
     Pulse digits generation with programmable duration
     and N / N+1 encoding
Relative frequency response
R.E.N determination
Return loss
Ring detection and generation with programmable level,
frequency, duration, cadence and timing
Ringing impedance
Ringing signal overload
Series DC Resistance (Series TE)
Signaling interference
Spectrum Analysis
     Signal and Noise level measurements vs time and
     frequency Instantaneous, mean, RMS voltage and
     power - ­ broadband and narrowband with various
     BW and filters, psophometric noise, impulsive noise -
TIMS and Through Transmission - ­ Narrowband and
Broadband tests (see 1.544 Mbps and 2.048 Mbps TIMS
and PCM tests)
Through Transmission - ­ SF cuttoff
Transient after change to the opposite polarity
Transient response
Transmission delay
Line, CO and
TE simulation
Variable DC loop feed voltage and current limit
Variable series resistance, complex line length and terminations
Call simulation and analysis of FXS, FXO loop-start interfaces including:
        Generation, detection and measurements of
        DTMF, MF, MFC signals and numbers with variable
        levels, frequency, duration and timing
        Pulse signaling with variable duration and N / N+1 
        encoding Progress tones (dial, progress, busy, 
        ringing tones, etc) and Rings with variable level, 
        frequency, cadence and timing Off-hook, on-hook,
        wink, flash, polarity reversal and ground-start 
        states with variable characteristics
Playback and recording of .wav files
Programmable received event masks and if / then / goto conditions for flow control of the simulation execution and verdict setting
Programmable user messages, user verdicts and remote commands (for EUT automatic operation)
Pre-defined and user defined database of signals and encodings
CID and SMS testing SMS and CID protocol testing over analog interfaces
Acoustics and Telephonometry Sending and Receiving Sensitivity/ frequency response
Sending and Receiving Loudness Rating (SLR, ROLR, RLR)
Receive Volume Control
Sending and Receiving Linearity
Sending and Receiving Distortion
Sending and Receiving Noise
Sidetone and Sidetone Masking Rating (STMR)
Sidetone Delay
Sending and Receiving Delay
Spectrum Analysis with stimulus
Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
Instability and Howling
Echo return loss
Terminal weighted coupling loss single talk & double talk
(TCLwst & TCLwdt)
Acoustic shock protection
Voice Quality Testing of handset and hands-free terminals (see Voice Quality Testing)
Hearing Aid Compatibility Magnetic field intensity
Induced voltage frequency response
xDSL electrical characteristics and transmit power Power spectral density
Aggregate total signal power
Spectrum Analysis
Longitudinal output voltage
Transverse balance
Longitudinal conversion loss
Return loss
Intentional operational paths to ground
Intentional protective paths to ground
On-hook resistance
DC current during ringing
Ringing frequency impedance
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