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Dec 24, 2015
G9200 Radio Conformance Analyzer has now passed the PTCRB TPAC point.
This means that the G9200 is now validated for more than 80% of WI-080/90 based on the 3GPP36.521-1 specification and can now be used for official validation testing.

The G9200 is among very few test platform supporting PTCRB LTE RF Transmitter conformance, receiver characteristic, performance requirement and reporting and channel state information testing.

The unique added value of the G9200 in that area is its size, price performance and solid futuristic roadmap with CA, acoustic testing and more.

Februry 24, 2013

Hermon Labs TI announced today that it will introduce the new G9200 solution for 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Hall 6, Stand 6F53, Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 25-28.

Hermon Labs TI will show its newest LTE test products, including the first LTE “All-In-One” UE development and testing test platform. The new G9200 replaces over 20 test instruments providing a unique “Lab In a Box” solution that significantly reduces test time and cost.

The G9200 Radio Conformance Analyzer is an advanced “all-in-one” test solution for mobile LTE, and other radio technology equipment. It provides a single highly integrated bench-top instrument with multiple types of test equipment, including a Base Station Emulator (BSE) with up to three cells, Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), Vector Signal Generator (VSG), Protocol Tester, Fading emulator, power meter, audio analyzer, DC power supply and more. The G9200 is able to perform analysis of LTE mobile devices at all layers from the physical to the application layer, and is suitable for development, conformance, pre-conformance, and production test applications

The G9200 enables the user to run pre-defined tests, customize existing tests, or create new tests using a powerful “drag and drop” script. Tests can be executed conditionally and/or repeatedly in loops, as a function of parameter values and counters. The appearance of the tests and presentation of results is fully configurable. The G9200 allows the user to arrange test results such as graphs, tables, test parameter controls and set limits, as required.

Hermon Labs TI have been providing unique “lab-in-a-box” solutions for many test areas and now this includes the G9200 for LTE terminals. The new innovative LTE “lab-in-a-box” solution for developing and testing LTE terminals is considered the best way to combine a number of functions in a single easily driven product.

As well as the G9200, at Mobile World Congress Hermon Labs TI will also introduce the TCA4100 Telephony Conformance Analyzer, which is an acoustic and voice quality conformance tester for mobile, wireline and wireless phones.

September 3, 2012

TCA support VoLTE testing.
In an interoperability test event, the TCA4100 and TCA8200 performed successful VoLTE acoustic tests on a LTE phone. Hermon labs uses the leading market LTE base station emulator to establish the LTE air link, while the TCA software controls and measures the tests according to commonly used international standards such as TP.862 PESQ, 3GPP, 3GPP2, TS 36.532, TS 26.131 and ETSI 121.131. the test were performed over an IMS gateway in IPV6 and IPV4 mode to test all the relevant AMR-WB codec modes.

January 3, 2011
TCA Software version 2.4.46 released.
Updated and added test suites:
  • ETSI TS 126 131 V9.3.0. Acoustic testing UMTS/LTE updated to 2010-04
  • AS/ACIF S003:2010. Parts 1 (General) and 2 (Analog and TDM) added
  • AS/ACIF S040:2001. (HAC) Requirements for Customer Equipment for use with the Standard Telephone Service
  • ETSI ETS 300 381 (Dec 1994, HAC). Telephony for hearing impaired people; Inductive coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids
  • FCC § 68.316. Hearing aid compatibility: Magnetic field intensity criteria for telephone compatibility with hearing aids
  • FCC § 68.317. Hearing aid compatability volume control

July 12, 2010
TCA Software version 2.4.40 released.
Updated and added test suites:
  • Fax testing for analog ITU-T T.30 and IP ITU-T T.38
  • Bluetooth suites based on ANSI/TIA 810-B and 920-A
  • TOSQA MOS (T-MOS) measurement suite
  • EN 50332 [Maximum sound pressure level]
  • AS/AC S003:2010: Part 3 (Packet and cell based technologies)
  • ETSI TS 101 270-1 (vDSL) updated to 2005 V1.4.1:05
  • 30 MHz Transverse Balance Measurement -with hardware option HL 8240

April 6, 2010
TCA Software version 2.4.35 released.
Updated and added test suites:
  • TIA-968-B for E1, xDSL and Analog equipment
  • ETSI ES 203 038 V1.1.1 (2009-04)
  • ANSI/TIA-470.110-C
  • CS-03 Part V
  • PTC 220 updated to 2008
  • AS/ACIF S043.2 (xDSL) updated to 2008
  • ITU-T G.991.2 updated to 2005
  • ITU-T G.992.3 updated to 2008
  • AS/ACIF S041 updated to 2005

November 25, 2009
TCA Software version 2.4.30 released.
Updated and added test suites:
  • PTC 200
  • ITU-T G.992.5 [ADSL2+]
  • ITU-T G.992.1 [ADSL]
  • GB/T15279 (China)

October 27, 2009

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Hermon Laboratories TI announced a new Acoustic Wireless Handset Conformance Test Solution. The combined solution performs the tests according to the 3GPP TS 26.131, TS 26.132, TS 51.010 standards. Additional information is available here.

September 14-15, 2009

Hermon Laboratories TI presented its TCA 8200 and TCA 4100 products at the customer seminar at GCOM Technologies Co. HQ, Taipei, Taiwan.

July 25, 2009.

TCA Software version 2.4.10 released:
Added test suites:
  • ITU-T Q.552 [Analog]
  • ITU-T G.993.2 [DSL]
  • AS/ACIF S004:2008 (Acoustic) [Acoustic]
  • ITAAB notes for TBR4 ISDN Layer 2,3 (notes 66, 80, 83, 84, 87) [E1]
  • ITUT P.342 [Cellular]
  • TIA 1042 [Cellular]
  • ETSI EN 300 903 (GSM 03.50) V8.1.1 (2000-11) [Cellular]
  • 3GPP2 C.S0056-0 v1.0 (cdma2000, 2005-07) [Cellular]
  • ETSI TS 126 131 V4.2.0 NB (3GPP TS 26.131, 2002-09) [Cellular]
  • ETSI TS 126 131 V5.2.0 NB & WB (3GPP TS 26.131, 2002-09) [Cellular]
  • ETSI TS 151 010-1 (3GPP TS 51.010-1, 2008-04) [Cellular]
New software features:
  • Cellular phone testing;
  • Integration with Agilent 8960 - via the GPIB device control interface

December 31, 2008.

TCA Software version 2.4.0 released:
Added test suites:
  • ANSI/TIA 810-A (hands-free tests added) [VoIP]
  • ANSI/TIA 810-B (NB digital telephones) [VoIP]
  • TIA 920 (WB digital wire-line telephones) [VoIP]
  • ANSI/TIA 920-A (WB digital telephones) [VoIP]
  • AS/ACIF S003:2008 (Switching CE) [E1]
  • TBR 10 (DECT, 7. Speech and telephony tests) [Acoustic]
  • DPT-TE-001 (Analog TE, South Africa) [Analog]
New software features:
  • VoIP codecs support: G.728, G.726(A), iLBC, GSM, G.722 (wideband)
  • Audio device testing (such as USB phone or Bluetooth headset)

October 17, 2008.

Hermon Laboratories TI introduces the TCA 4100 Telephony Conformance Analyzer. The TCA 4100 provides a fully automated & affordable voice quality and acoustics conformance test solution according to major worldwide standards. This highly integrated test system provides the hardware and software required for testing almost any type of wire-line and wireless phones, electro-acoustic and audio devices. The system can be optionally configured with a VoIP software interface, analog PSTN interface, cellular RF base station simulator, wireless DECT, Wi-Fi base stations, Bluetooth wireless interface and acoustic interfaces such as HATS (Head and Torso Simulator) or a test head, which is also manufactured by the Hermon Laboratories TI

May 1, 2008

TCA Software version 2.3.10 released.
Added test suits:
  • TNA 134:1997 (ISDN L3, New Zealand) [E1]
  • ACIF/AS S003:2006
New software features:
  • USB phone acoustic testing

January 13, 2008.

Software version TCA 2.2.61.
Added test suit:
  • IDA TS PSTN 2007 Issue1, Rev 1

November 07, 2007.

TCA Software version 2.2.55 released.
Added test suits:
  • ADSL/01 Taiwan 2004
  • ETSI TS 101 388 ADSL
  • ITU-T G.991.2 (2003, SHDSL)
  • ITU-T G.992.3 (2005, ADSL2)
  • ITU-T G.992.5 (2005, ADSL2+)
  • ITU-T G.993.1 (2004, VDSL)

September 10, 2007.

TCA Software version 2.2.50 released.
Added test suits:
  • TIA-968-A-5 addendum A5 (VDSL2)
  • CS-03 Part VIII Issue 9, Amendment 3 (VDSL2)
  • CS-03 Part I Issue 9, Amendment 3 (Analog TE)

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