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TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer
Compliance testing according to major world standards
Complete tests and documentation required by world-wide industry & regulatory standards in a matter of hours. No in-depth knowledge of the standards is required. The TCA 8200 was designed from the ground up to precisely and comprehensively fulfill the standards requirements.

Fully automated testing & documentation
Built-in and user-defined test suites can be performed automatically with either no or minimal user interaction due to programmable test settings, limits, verdicts and EUT control. The tests can be run one at a time or together in sequence. The ISO/IEC 17025-compliant test reports are generated automatically in MS Word format.

Built-in standards and general-purpose tests
TCA 8200 comes with thousands of tests covering the supported standards and hundreds of general-purpose tests suitable for R&D and production testing applications.

Supports signaling and remote EUT control
Programmable signaling procedures allow call establishment with EUT during the tests and measurements. EUT can also be controlled by programmable ASCII commands over the LAN, USB and Serial interfaces. These features provide for fully automatic test execution.

User defined tests, test suites, and projects
User tests can be created and modified based on existing tests by setting the test parameters, limits, results format and EUT control. The tests are conveniently grouped into test suites. Projects created from one or multiple test suites provide powerful tools to run and manage tests as well as store and document test results.

Manual operation for development and debugging testing
This is supported by on-the-fly control and "manual" tuning of test parameters, pause/resume/continuous run functions and discrete test points.

Comprehensive on-line help
Featuring an extensive context-sensitive on-line manual providing step-by-step examples and detailed descriptions of test procedures, set-ups, parameters, results, and measurement uncertainties.

Powerful management, display and analysis features
Test suites, projects, reports, tests and signaling procedures can be created, edited, duplicated and deleted using a familiar Windows Explorer-like GUI. Test results are displayed on multiple graphs and tables with configurable formats, limits and verdict criteria. Off-line results analysis is facilitated by zoom, markers, search graph features and by copy/paste, enabling the transfer of test results to other applications.

TCA 8200 Substitutes over 20 test instruments
TCA 8200 can replace over 20 'conventional' test instruments such as oscilloscope, spectrum and network analyzers, transmission/BERT/jitter analyzers, PCM/TIMS analyzers, signaling, frame and protocol analyzers, acoustic tester, power supplies and network simulators. TCA 8200 provides an integrated system of tools and features for performing and supporting tasks required in a test lab.

Modular design - tailored to your needs
The instruments modular design enables you to order and pay only for the test options that you need. The instrument can be upgraded when additional testing options are required.

Built-in PC with Windows and Office
TCA 8200 includes an internal PC with MS Windows XP Pro, MS Office and all relevant software preinstalled as well as an external keyboard and mouse.

Built-in calibration
Built-in calibration tests include self-verification, calibration verification and adjustment tests. TCA 8200 comes with ISO/IEC 17025 certified calibration.

Accuracy required by the supported standards is achieved or surpassed by careful hardware and software design, by testing automation taking into consideration various signal path factors, by automatic self-calibration and extensive calibration procedures.

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TS 103 021, TBR 10, 21, 38
TBR 4, 12, 13 (Europe)
FCC Part 68, TIA-968-A (USA)
CS-03 (Canada)
AS/ACIF S002/3/4/16 (Australia)
ITU-T G.703,
G.823, G.824, G.992.1/3/6,
P.862 (PESQ)
ETSI TS 102 027 (SIP)
TIA-810A/B, 920-A
ETSI ES 202 737-40
3GPP TS 26.131/2, TS 51.010-1
3GPP TS 51.010-1
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