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The co-existence challenges in the wireless domain

Smartphone needs to provide fast services of LTE, reliable and quick connectivity of Bluetooth & NFC and fast Wi-Fi while Signals from one technology causes unwanted interference with signals of the other technologies.

Hermon labs Introduces the solution for testing In-Device Coexistence (IDC) at the transmitters and receivers

  • Of the individual radios
  • Performance degradation in terms of effects on maximum achievable data rates in different radio conditions.

Frequency overlap is becoming quite common between technologies. I.e. LTE Band 7 (FDD) and ISM bands of operation for WLAN share the same frequency spectrum. Band 40 (TDD) and 41 (TDD) are also on the 2.4GHz range. The problems starts when the signal strength of one signal (i.e. WLAN) being transmitted becomes stronger than the signal strength of another signal (i.e. LTE) being received.

Examples of system level tests:

  • Performance degradation on Wi- Fi while LTE works and Vise versa. The same for other combinations (i.e. BT, GSS, etc.)
  • Effect of scanning operation of WLAN in UE (in order to search for available networks)
  • Effect of a YouTube download activity on WLAN
  • Ability to run hundreds of combinations (Bands, channels, BW etc.) automatically in un-attendant mode

WiFi / LTE Co-Existence – Sample Test cases:

  • WiFi ch1 over LTE Receiver TDD B40 BW5MHz
    • WiFi over LTE UE receiver - Radiated
    • WiFi over LTE UE receiver - (LTE Conducted High, Wi-Fi Radiated)
    • WiFi over LTE UE receiver - (LTE Conducted Mid, Wi-Fi Radiated)
    • WiFi over LTE UE receiver - (LTE Conducted Low, Wi-Fi Radiated)
    • WiFi blocker over LTE UE receiver High - conducted (UE WiFi off)
    • WiFi blocker over LTE UE receiver Mid - conducted (UE WiFi off)
    • WiFi blocker over LTE UE receiver Low - conducted (UE WiFi off)
  • LTE B40 Transmitter over WiFi Receiver ch1
    • LTE over WiFi Receiver sensitivity (RSSI) - Radiated
    • LTE over WiFi Receiver sensitivity (RSSI) - Conducted
  • Additional Bands, Devices and Technology
    • WiFi ch13 over LTE Receiver TDD B41
    • WiFi ch13 over LTE Transmitter FDD B07
    • BT over LTE Receiver - Radiated
    • BT over LTE Receiver - Conducted
    • WiFi vs AWGN over LTE Receiver - Conducted
    • More...

Use cases:

  • Benchmarking between LTE, WiFi and BT modules
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • System stability and immunity
  • Integration testing
  • Troubleshooting

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3GPP TS 36.523-1

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