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Standalone Instruments

VSA Functionality

LTE Uplink analysis. It provides Standalone usage of the VSA as an independent device. In this mode it is still possible to use BSE for establishing link to UE. It support online VSA configuration using either front panel keypad/knob or touch screen controls and ability to store/recall configuration and measurement results.


Main parameters and results of the measurements:

· EVM results (averaged)

· EVM of all carriers

· EVM of data carriers only

· EVM of pilot carriers only

· I/Q constellation

· Frequency error

· Symbol clock error

· I/Q offset

· Gain imbalance

· Quadrature offset

· Power measurement

· Frame power


Graphical measurement results:

· Power measurement

· Power versus symbol and carrier

· Power versus carrier

· Power versus symbol

· Capture buffer

· Power spectrum

· Error vector magnitude (EVM measurements)

· EVM versus symbol and carrier

· EVM versus carrier

· EVM versus symbol

· Frequency and phase error

· Channel measurements

· Spectrum flatness

· Group delay

· Impulse response

· Constellation measurements

· Constellation versus carrier

· Constellation versus symbols

Report (detailed list of demodulation steps).

CW SG Functionality

Provides independent configuration and activation of the integrated CW SG and ability to store/recall configuration.

Main features:

· Wide Frequency range up to 18GHz

· Excellent SSB phase noise

· Superior level accuracy

· Standard high-stability time base

VSG Mode

· Provides usage of the BSE as an arbitrary VSG:


In this mode, it is possible to emulate any type of technology (CDMA, WCDMA, EVDO, GSM, etc) and able to perform measurements which are relevant to these technologies. For example, constellations for WCDMA and pick code domain error.


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