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About Hermon Laboratories

Founded by the late Dr. Edward Usoskin, Hermon Laboratories was the first independent compliance testing facility established in Israel.

With over 20 years experience in the global compliance market, Hermon Laboratories is a one-stop shop for testing, compliance, certification and support services.

Hermon Laboratories is the largest compliance testing laboratory in Israel for the electronic industry with unmatched state-of-the-art facilities. Hermon Laboratories offers a wide range of services including EMC, Radio, Product Safety, Telecom and Environmental accommodating multiple markets including commercial, industrial, military, medical, home appliances and security.

Hermon Laboratories meets the needs of countless clients across a broad range of industries with its highly professional team of experts and best quality testing equipment. Compliance testing services are complemented by on-going guidance and support throughout the development cycle, helping customers keep track of the ever-changing global compliance market.

Accredited and recognized by leading regulatory and certification organizations from around the world, Hermon Laboratories provides complete and accurate certification solutions for practically any target market. The company also offers a range of unique Telecom testing instruments, providing customers with a quick, easy and effective way to carry out in-house conformance testing.

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