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EMC Testing Facilities

Hermon Laboratories continuously invests in its state-of-the-art facilities, assuring that the highest quality of equipment and tools are used to carry out EMC testing services quickly and effectively.

Hermon Laboratories facilities offer:


  • Multiple semi-anechoic and fully anechoic chambers providing radiated immunity and emissions testing for commercial, medical, military and other types of electrical products.
  • All weather protected Open Area Test Site (OATS) for radiated emission testing at 1 to 10 meter distances.
  • Multiple shielded enclosures for conducted and radiated susceptibility.
  • Immunity site for transient susceptibility power quality testing.
  • Radiated immunity testing, up to 200 V/m and up to 18 GHz, and radiated emission testing of up to 220 GHz.
  • All the EMC and Radio facilities are conveniently grouped in the same building providing easy access to all test stations for large and heavy equipment.
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