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  Open Area Test Site (OATS)  
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Open Area Test Site (OATS)

Hermon Laboratories large scale Open Area Test Site (OATS) provides radiated emissions, radio and antenna measurements up to 10 meters. Due to its location on the top of the building an obstacle free area is provided as required by the standards such as CISPR-16.

Situated in the rural area of Binyamina, the OATS has low electromagnetic ambient noise, crucial for radiated emissions measurements. Weather conditions such as excessive temperature and rain can adversely affect equipment performance and measurements. Hermon Laboratories OATS is fully weather protected by a shelter made of non-conductive materials.

Operators, instrumentation and cables are located below the OATS to minimize their influence on measurements.

  • Radiated Emissions per commercial standards
  • Wireless testing
  • Antenna measurements and calibration
  • Measurements at 3m and 10m Obstacle free, low ambient noise environment
  • All weather protected
  • Easy elevator access
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