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wireless testing and certification

Wireless testing and certification

Hermon Laboratories provides worldwide approvals for Licensed and Unlicensed wireless products such as:

FCC grants (USA) - per Part 2, 15, 22, 24, 27, 90, 95 and 101
Industry Canada Radio Specifications: RSS-118, -119, -123, -125, -137, -193, -195, -210, -310 and others Industry Canada - RSS certificates 119 and 201
CE mark (Europe) In accordance with the R&TTE (Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive).
C-Tick mark (Australia/NZ) - AS/NZS 4268, 4295, 4768.1, 45768.1, 4768.2 and 4771
MIC (Japan) Certification of Radio equipment

Our vast experience in Wireless certification assures that products will reach the market quickly and efficiently by addressing all regulatory and design issues.  

Support throughout the development cycle

Wireless testing is complex due to variations in regulatory requirements for each target market. Hermon Laboratories services extend beyond compliance testing by providing ongoing assistance and support throughout the development cycle.   


Partnerships with leading laboratories and certification bodies

Hermon Laboratories is recognized by leading certification bodies around the world. Benefitting from strong partnerships with leading global laboratories we effectively expedite the certification process in target markets, shortening the time-to-market of equipment under test.

Please contact us for further information about Wireless certification.
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