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TCA 8200

Client Testimonials

"The TCA 8200 is an excellent solution for my regulatory compliance labs telecom section. Before we purchased the TCA, I needed a collection of different measurement devices, analyzers, line conditioning devices, connectors, switches and other things to get the job done. The TCA has now replaced all that test equipment, increased the labs throughput, increased the scope of our capabilities and decreased the dollars I spend annually for equipment calibration."

"The TCA 8200 has been a great investment for our company. It has reduced our test time by 30% and has more standards then we could have ever automated. The TCA 8200 has reduced our calibration cost, because it replaces three full racks of test equipment. The software is easy to use and within a couple of weeks, I was creating my own test suits to fit my testing needs. We have been using it since November 2006 and I just wish we had bought it sooner. Thanks for a great product."

"When we decided to expand our test capabilities in the Telecom area 4 years back to accommodate evolving new technologies and more customer requests. we found Hermon Lab's TCA 8200 Telecom Compliance Analyzer attractive due to its 'Lab-in-a box' concept Eliminating the need for 2 racks full of equipment, the TCA 8200 performs the same amount of tests in a much shorter time. Automated test report generation is an added bonus along with reduction in equipment calibration cost. Product services from Hermon Labs over these years were very impressive. Good concept in the field of Telecom compliance tests! "

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