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About Us

Experts in global compliance solutions

Founded in 1986 by the late Dr. Edward Usoskin Hermon Laboratories was the first independent compliance test lab in Israel for electronic and electrical products.

We provide a one-stop-shop for EMC, Product Safety, Radio, Telecom and Environmental testing for broad range of commercial, industrial, household, military and medical products.

Our comprehensive portfolio of accreditations by local and global regulatory bodies allows us to offer our clients turnkey certification solutions world-wide.

Hermon Laboratories’ state-of-the-art testing facilities are conveniently located in Binyamina and Tel Aviv sites.

Since 2002 Hermon Laboratories’ market-proven testing products and solutions enable telecom manufacturers, test labs and service providers across the world to complete compliance testing and documentation according to international regulatory standards in a matter of hours.

Featuring an innovative Lab-in-a-box concept Hermon Labs’ products are not just test instruments – they are highly integrated solution that provides the necessary tools and features for performing and supporting test lab tasks such fully automated testing and report generation, test plans, test project, test samples and clients management.

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