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Certified access to evolving networks

Telecom terminal equipment that connects to Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) must comply with the standards governed by national and international telecommunication authorities.


The US Administrative Council for Terminal Attachment is an open organization that adopts standards and handles equipment registration. The requirements applicable to analog, xDSL, T1 telecom terminal equipment are defined in FCC Part 68 and ANSI/TIA-968-A standards.


Telecom terminal equipment in Canada must be certified by the Industry Canada according to the CS-03 standard.


In Europe the standards are set by the ETSI (European Standards Institute). These standards include TBR 4 (E1 ISDN PRI), TBR 12 (Unframed E1), TBR 13 (Framed E1), ETS 203 021 , TBR 21(analog equipment), TBR 38 (acoustic analog telephones). Manufacturer declaration of conformity is sufficient for the European CE mark.


In Japan, telecom terminal equipment must be certified by JATE according to requirement defined in Analog Terminals and Digital Terminals.


In Australia, the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) certifies telecom terminal equipment through A-tick procedure based on compliance with AS/ASIF S002, S003, S004, S016, S041, S043.2 standards.


Hermon Laboratories is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Communication (MoC) for testing and certification application of telecom terminal products. Hermon Laboratories provides complete turnkey testing and certification solutions for telecom products in the above-mentioned and other countries. Hermon Laboratories telecom test solutions include:

  • Analog FXS & FXO equipment testing
  • Acoustic testing of:
    • cellular phones
    • Analog & Digital phones
    • VoIP enabled equipment testing
    • xDSL testing
    • T1/E1 testing
    • ISDN PRI testing
    • Physical layer testing
    • VF &TIMS analysis
    • Signaling testing
    • Voice Quality testing (PESQ)
    • Hearing Aid Compatibility
    • Protocol testing
  • SIP
  • CID/SMS over analog interface
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