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Don’t miss a pulse with fully automated EMC testing

What is EMC testing and why is it required?

Compliance with Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards is required by national laws and demanded by end consumers. EMC tests the ability of devices to withstand interference from other electrical equipment and verify that its emissions cannot cause harmful interference with other electrical equipment.

EMC is not just a regulatory requirement, EMC testing may be requested by your customers and occasionally equipment manufacturers may self- impose reliability standards for their products. Whatever the reason all equipment should be designed to function properly in its intended electromagnetic environment.

In order to achieve this objective, the need for a professional team of EMC compliance experts combined with best testing facilities is essential to the EMC testing and approval process.

EMC Testing Facilities

Hermon Laboratories continuously invests in its state-of-the-art facilities, assuring that the highest quality of equipment and tools are being used to carry out EMC testing services quickly and effectively. Hermon Laboratories facilities offer:

Multiple semi-anechoic and full anechoic chambers providing radiated immunity and emissions testing for commercial, medical, military and other types of electrical products.

All weather protected Open Area Test Site (OATS) for radiated emission testing at 1 to 10 meter distances.

Multiple shielded enclosures for conducted and radiated susceptibility.

Immunity site for transient susceptibility power quality testing.

Radiated immunity testing, up to 200 V/m and up to 18 GHz, and radiated emission testing of up to 220 GHz.

All the EMC and Radio facilities are conveniently grouped in the same building providing easy access to all test stations for large and heavy equipment.

EMC Emissions Testing

Radiated and conducted emissions can cause harmful interference with other electronic equipment.

Radiated Emission (RE)

RE measurements are performed to assess the electromagnetic energy levels versus frequency radiated by a product. During commercial RE measurements the Equipment Under Test (EUT) is rotated and antenna height is scanned to find the maximum RE levels. Final 3 m measurements can be performed at the anechoic chamber. Anechoic chamber measurements can be continued for the peak frequencies at the OATS if 10m test distance is required.

Conducted Emission (CE)

CE measurements are performed to assess the electromagnetic energy levels versus frequency emitted by the product cables (power lines, network cables, etc).

Immunity Testing

Immunity testing is carried out on devices, equipment, or systems to test performance degradation in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance.

Hermon Laboratories offers several immunity test sites and Anechoic chambers, where various immunity/susceptibility tests for civil and military industries are carried out. These tests include:

  • Radiated immunity, electromagnetic field (EMF)
  • Surge, Electrical Fast Transient (EFT)
  • Electrical Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Electrical fast transient / burst immunity
  • Surge immunity
  • Conducted immunity
  • Power frequency magnetic field immunity
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity testing.


Hermon Laboratories has over 30 years of experience in EMC and EMI commercial Testing and Certification according to global regulation requirements such as:

  • FCC
  • CE
  • IC (Industry Canada)
  • VCCI
  • Australia & New Zealand

MIL Standards

Hermon Laboratories specializes in EMC compliance testing according to Military standards.

Hermon laboratories offers:

  • MIL-STD and RTCA testing
  • EMC and Environmental testing
  • Highly professional and experienced team
  • Certified supplier of the Israel Ministry of Defense
  • Serving most of the Israeli defense industry
  • Experience working with international defense industries
  • Custom test plan preparation
  • Automatic report generation within 48 hours
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