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TCA 8200

T1/E1 Testing

TCA 8200 offers an automatic testing solution for T1/E1 products according to industry standards and various national regulatory standards. The T1/E1 tests cover layer-1 electrical characteristics of input and output ports, combined analog and digital transmission and functional characteristics of framed and unframed interfaces, Voice Quality testing and ISDN PRI protocol testing.

Supported Equipment

  • PBXs, gateways, routers, switches, IADs, and DSUs

Key Tests

  • Layer 1 tests (Physical layer)
    • Electrical characteristics of input and output port: Jitter, Pulse Shape, Return Loss, Balance, BERT, Delays, Power & Spectrum Analysis and more…
    • PCM/Voice Frequency content/TIMS analysis: Loss, SINAD, Attenuation, Harmonic & Inter-modulation Distortion, Group Delay, Crosstalk and more…
    • Frame analysis
    • Signaling
  • ISDN PRI Layer 2 and 3 protocol testing
  • Voice Quality Testing
    • PESQ, POLQA, VAD (Voice Activity Detector) characteristics

Comprehensive PBX testing
Due to an extensive array of tests, built-in signaling, and simultaneous two-port analog/digital tests a PBX (and similar products) can be completely characterized by the TCA 8200 conformance, voice quality, performance, and functional testing.

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