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TCA 8200

VoIP Testing

Hermon Laboratories provides a fully automatic test solution for VoIP enabled products including VoIP phones, PBXs, gateways and VoIP servers for conformance, performance and functional testing.

VoIP test solutions include:

Acoustics and telephonometry conformance tests of wireline & wireless, narrowband & broadband handset and hands-free VoIP phones (IP phones, soft phones, Wi-Fi handsets) per TIA/EIA-810A/B, TIA/EIA-920/A, ETSI ES 202 737 – 40, Voice Quality Testing,

VoIP signaling simulation & analysis including:

  • Call simulation and analysis of SIP and H.323 calls
  • Programmable Call, Answer, Disconnect
  • Playback and recording of wav files
  • Programmable received event masks and if / then / go to conditions for flow control of the simulation execution and verdict setting
  • Programmable user messages, user verdicts and remote commands (for EUT automatic operation)
  • Pre-defined and user defined database of signals and encodings
  • Voice transmission tests
  • VoIP spectrum analysis and signal generation

Signaling protocols: SIP, H.323
Codecs: G.711, G.722, G.726, G.723, G.729A, GSM FR, iLBC

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