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    TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer
    Compliance testing that conforms to major world standards
    TCA 8200 provides a compliance testing solution according two major worldwide regulatory and industry standards, covering most types of telecom equipment ranging from telephones, digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways. In the past, approval of telecom equipment required the use of a test lab with expert test engineers and dozens of non-automated or semi-automated test instruments and setups. Such a process usually took weeks.

    With TCA 8200 you can complete the tests and documentation required by the standards and agencies in a matter of hours, without a need for in-depth knowledge of the standards.

    Due to liberalization of regulation processes in Europe, the USA and other countries, manufacturers can now perform in-house testing and declare compliance or apply for approval of a regulatory agency. Having an in-house compliance testing solution from the early design stages can significantly reduce time-to-market.

    Test labs will benefit from the ability to provide fast and cost-effective testing services for a broad range of the interfaces and standards covered by the TCA 8200, its expandability and its extensive management features..

    TCA 8200 comes with test suites according to the standards. Tests can be performed one by one or in sequence. No user interaction is required except for the setting of the equipment under test in response to prompts that appear on the screen. Unattended testing is possible for equipment that can be remotely controlled.

    Deciding what standard's tests are applicable for a particular product can sometimes be a complicated task. Pre-defined and user-defined criteria for selection of the required tests simplify this task.

    The tests are automatically selected by answering Yes/No questions about the functionality supported by the product. Tests can also be selected manually. Reports are automatically generated in MS Word format with the test results and all relevant information required for the test project.

    Lab in a box
    TCA 8200 is not just a test instrument, It is a highly integrated solution that provides the necessary tools and features for performing and supporting test lab tasks including:

    • Definition and management of test specs and test plans with customized user prompts, remote EUT control commands, and automatic tests selection criteria.
    • Running and management of test projects.
    • Integral client information database linked to test projects.
    • Generation and management of test reports.
    • Built-in calibration tests.
    • Backup and restoring of all data.
    • Emergency recovery of all software and factory data from the image disk supplied with the system.
    • Quality assurance issues have been thoroughly addressed: Test reports are ISO/IEC 17025 compliant. Tests, test suites, projects, reports are uniquely identified. Changes to test definitions are recorded. TCA 8200 comes with ISO/IEC 17025 Certified calibration.

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    TS 103 021, TBR 10, 21, 38
    TBR 4, 12, 13 (Europe)
    FCC Part 68, TIA-968-A (USA)
    CS-03 (Canada)
    AS/ACIF S002/3/4/16 (Australia)
    ITU-T G.703,
    G.823, G.824, G.992.1/3/6,
    P.862 (PESQ)
    ETSI TS 102 027 (SIP)
    TIA-810A/B, 920-A
    ETSI ES 202 737-40
    3GPP TS 26.131/2, TS 51.010-1
    3GPP TS 51.010-1
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